'All of my quilts are hand quilted. Almost all shop bought quilts are machine quilted. If you are looking for a real heirloom piece, it really should be hand quilted ... A quilt should be an item that time and care has gone into!'

My Current Work

This is my current work in progress … part of a banner for St Georges Church Folkestone.


I made up the design based on the stained glass window at St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican city.



Completely Original Art


I am able to translate pictures you have into designs that I can use to make wall hangings or quilts. Anything from logos to favourite modern art paintings to pictures of the front of your house. Anything goes.

The prices for these will be a bit higher as I’ll have to factor in the design work, which is trickier than it sounds … Every piece has to be fitted in the correct order and there are a whole host of graph paper drawings in various colours that I have to refer to as I’m making it! Once I’ve seen the image that you want replicated and know the general size you want, I can give you a bespoke price.