'All of my quilts are hand quilted. Almost all shop bought quilts are machine quilted. If you are looking for a real heirloom piece, it really should be hand quilted ... A quilt should be an item that time and care has gone into!'

About Me


Polly Davis...That's me!


I love quilting and am inspired by each new bespoke commission I recieve. No two quilts should be the same, and as such, I work closely with the client to find materials and designs that reflect exactly what they are looking for … and for those who are not sure what they are looking for, there are a selection of quilts that I have made to inspire you on this website.


Most quilts can be made in single, double or king sizes. Some quilt designs are for ‘cot’ or ‘lap’ quilts and these are usually about 1/2 - 2/3 of the size of a single bed quilt (as each quilt is different sizes tend to vary slightly).


I thought I should give some thanks to my Mum who taught me to sew…



And these are two of my three boys…

(who I am trying to teach to sew) at a craft fair in their grandparents garden selling the little things they had made together!